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If you have a specific question, please contact us directly. Thank you.

General FAQs

  1. What are the ages ranges for your Beavers, Cubs and Scouts?

    Our Beaver Scouts start at 6 years old and move on to Cubs when they are 8. At 10 - 10.5 years, Cubs move up to the Scout Troop. When they leave Scouts at 14.5, they go to Explorer Scouts, which is a District run organisation.

    Typically, we send our young people up to the next section in a group with their friends so they already know some familliar faces before they settle in.

  2. Are you leaders trained in First Aid?

    All of our section leaders are First Aid trained and this is renewed on a regular basis. Our First Aid box is also frequently updated.

  3. How are adults vetted?

    All our adult leaders complete DBS checks to be able to work with young people. Adult helpers have completed AA forms, similar to DBS.

    To become a leader in Scouting, all adults go through a training matrix. Once an adult has become a leader, there is a programme of ongoing learning and development. Please ask your local Group or Council to find out more on this.

  4. What is a Young Leader?

    A Young Leader is a young person, aged 16 - 18 years old, who is also a member of an Explorer Scout Unit. They complete a modular assessment to be able to contribute to the running of their respective section.

  5. How long are meetings?

    Our section meetings are ususally between one and a half to two hours. However this does vary per Group.

  6. Do you have a waiting list?

    We do sometimes have to implement a waiting list, due to having the correct rations of adults to young people, as well size of our HQ. Please contact is directly to find out about specific sections.

  7. How can I get involved?

    Anyone can get involved with Scouting, all you need to do is contact your local Scout Group or local Council, who can put you in touch with the right people.

  8. What constitutes a night away?

    Nights spent away from home in a tent, bivouac, Scout Hut, on a boat, campsite, sleep over etc. as part of a Scouting Activity.

  9. What are the sleeping arrangements for boys and girls?

    Boys and girls are kept separate when sleeing away at Camp or other events. Our Scouts are provided with tents when camping outdoors or with separate rooms when indoors.

  10. Why do we require all sections on Health Forms completed?

    A health form is a reference for the medical details of the people attending a Scouting event. In the event of an emergency, it will help medical authorities/personnel in deciding which is the best course of action to take.

    It also tells leaders about any allergies that a young people may have and any medication they are taking at the time of an event. If we do not have all Health Form sections completed, we can refuse to take that respective person away on an event.

  11. If I am having trouble sending an e-mail via this website, what do I do?

    If after the e-mail link has been opened, you still cannot send an e-mail, copy our e-mail address into an e-mail message from your own account such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail etc.

  12. I cannot download files from this website

    Our leaders and committee member do sent out files to parents for respective events and requirements. These are sent out only to the people they are intented for.

    Parents will always be sent/given documents regarding events or weekly activities such as health forms, event information letters or SUBs for example. If as someone in this position, you do require a specific document, please e-mail us directly with your request.

  13. Do you have a social media presence?

    Working in line with current legislation, we have created a closed Facebook group, which only approved parents, leaders, helpers and excecutive committee members can gain access to.

    For the protect of both our young people and adults, this will obviously not be open to the general public.

  14. How do you fund raise?

    We raise funds for our Group via numerous methods from Subscriptions from our young people, commercial events, litter picking at the Essex Cricket Ground, Quiz Nights, Bazaars, Gift Aid and many other forms.

    Our Group is always open to hearing of new ways or grants to enable us to continue to provide Scouting opportunities to young people in the local area. If you have an suggestions around how we can develop this, please contact us.

  15. Can we hire your minibus?

    Our Minibus, a 15-seater Ford Transit, is available for hire but only to other Scouting or Guiding Groups, provided that whoever hires it has complied with current Scouting or Guiding regulations.

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